BVB VM-88MKII Professional Digital Dual Wireless Microphone Karaoke
BVB VM-88MKII Professional Digital Dual Wireless Microphone Karaoke

BVB VM-88MKII Professional Digital Dual Wireless Microphone Karaoke

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Made in U.S.A, BVB VM-88MKII  wireless system has been engineered to be dependable dual channel diversity UHF system with a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance equal to that of any professional wireless systems costing much more. This is achieved through strict component selection and high quality circuit design. A delicately designed silence circuit eliminates static noise when the transmitters are either turned off or out of transmission range

  • Dual channel diversity wireless receiver
  • Built in Anti-Feedback
  • 200 adjustable frequencies with DPLL synthesized control
  • UHF band frequency (800MHz)
  • Two independent 1/4" outputs (Left & Right Microphone)
  • RF input with built-in RF preamplifier to improve S/N ratio, sensitivity and d ynamic range
  • Low noise mixer circuitry for reducing interference
  • Removable antennas
  • 2 LCD screens provide informative status on each microphone's status including: Signal Strength, Audio Level, Operation Frequency and Diversity Antenna Selection
  • Service Area: 500 ft ( 100 M )
  • This new model: 2021 is equipped with new circuit to provide good sound quality and perfect working distance
  • Stringing frequency can be solved with automatic channel searching disturb function and will be more convenient installation
  • Initial volume and Max volume setting
  • Separate Microphone Volume Control
  • Boot times functions
  • MIC will auto mute when drop down
  • UHF frequency (PLL)
  • Mainly for karaoke project, one receiver with transmitter
  • BVB U.S.A

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