Singtronic UHF-GM22 Professional Giant Single Wireless Microphone Karaoke

Singtronic UHF-GM22 Professional Giant Single Wireless Microphone Karaoke

Item# UHF-GM22
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Singtronic UHF-GM22 The world's first Biggest & Giant Single Wireless Microphone System, This UHF-GM22 Giant wireless microphone is 5 times biggeer the ordinary microphone, suitable for business promotion activities, shopping malls, family karaoke, concerts, and any funny party.  Microphone host material is an aluminum alloy, CNC process integrally molded. The microphone can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally, up and down 75 degrees. Includes 2 rechargeable batteries with a single battery capacity of 2200mAh for more than 48 hours of continuous use.  Microphone color is Purple Rose,, surface plating, fine and beautiful color.

Package Includes: 

  1. Microphone x1, 
  2. Wireless receiver x1, 
  3. Antenna x1, 
  4. 18650 lithium 
  5. Batteries x2, 
  6. Battery charger x1, 
  7. Power adapter x1, 
  8. Support rod x1,
  9. Circular chassis x1, 
  10. Operation Manual
  11. Total Weigh: 65 Lbs

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