Karaoke Machine 4TB Hard Drive 50,000 Songs & Unlimited Youtube by Apps
Karaoke Machine 4TB Hard Drive 50,000 Songs & Unlimited Youtube by Apps

Karaoke Machine 4TB Hard Drive 50,000 Songs & Unlimited Youtube by Apps

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NEWEST MODEL: 2023 SINGTRONIC KTV-4KUHD Karaoke-On-Demand (KOD) is the latest and most advanced HDMI (4K) UltraHD & Full HD 1080P Hard Drive karaoke player in the world comes with 2TB to 16TB hard drive which can hold approximately over 100,000 songs karaoke vocalist tracks. There are many new features that differentiate KTV-4KUHD from the rest of the players in the market. Its capability of automatic Update New Songs into the hard drive every months, makes its so much easier for users to add their favorite songs into the collection. KTV-4KUHD built with a USB device that able to playback any supported MP3, MPEG, AVI, MKV, DivX, VOB & JPEG files anytime. The unit also has a HDMI output which provides (4K) UltraHD and Full HD 1080P High Definition Multimedia Interface videos for its consumers. It's so easy to use both on-screen navigation with "Song Search" & Singing Display Lyrics screen at the same time on your TV , excellent audio and full 1080P video quality.

Why Buying this Singtronic KTV-4KUHD Hard Drive Player ?

  1. Super Easy Installation like 1,2,3...
  2. System built in Hard Drive, Youtube, Icloud & DJ Music
  3. Pre-loaded Over 60,000 MTV Karaoke Songs with Vocal On & Off
  4. Singing Songs on Preloaded Songs & Unlimited Youtube at the same time w/o Advertisement
  5. Select Songs via Apps: Iphone / IPad & Android Tablets
  6. Super Handy, Light Weigh, Ready to use and No Need Skills to operate this System.

COMPLETE WITH OVER 50,000 Song Lists Pre-loaded in 4TB Hard Drive

Click to view Latest Vietnamese Karaoke Songs

Wifi Function Newest 2023: 

It seems very interesting to choose a song via a Cell Phone or Tabet PC. YES, you can choose a song without a songbook, you don't need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing your eyes to flip pages by pages, or you don't need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. Indeed, you can select your favorite songs by Cell Phone or Tablet PC by connect to the KARAOKE machine via wireless Wifi network, then you can choose your favorite songs on your Cell Phone. The process is easy to operate and avoid wasting time to locate your favorite songs. Of course, WIFI Function is built inside machine for choosing songs via a Iphone / Android Phone or Tablet PC.

What Apps to Download:

  • Android: Smart Karaoke Remote Pro
  • iPhone & Ipad: Smart Karaoke Remote Pro
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