Singtronic KS-1000DW Professional 3000W Floor Stand Karaoke Speaker
Singtronic KS-1000DW Professional 3000W Floor Stand Karaoke Speaker

Singtronic KS-1000DW Professional 3000W Floor Stand Karaoke Speaker

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You may think all speakers are the same as long as they produce good sound. Not necessarily! Let us tell you the difference. Both Hi-fi speakers and Karaoke speakers will sound good when you just play music. But with Karaoke, your vocals play the most important part. Most Hi-fi speakers are not designed for live vocal frequencies so the vocals sometimes sound distorted or muddy and suppressed when singing loud. These 100% Japan crafted speakers are built with quality materials and a higher sensitivity, providing maximum vocal sound per watt. They are also designed with emphasis on the midrange, which is perfect for live entertainment and Karaoke vocals. Each KS-1000DW speaker is protected by heavy duty polish wood.

The Super Slim (8" in Width), compact design fits well into virtually any architectural decor. The (48 in) tall line array height provides consistent pattern control throughout the intelligibility band, making the KS-1000DW ideal for difficult acoustic environments. The combination of superior sound quality, excellent pattern control, and compact design makes KS-1000DW ideal for applications such as Home Living room, KTV Room, Lecture Halls, Transit Centers, Conference Rooms, Cathedrals, Multipurpose Spaces, Architectural Spaces, among many others. The innovative coverage adjustability allows switching between broad and narrow vertical coverage settings to allow matching the coverage and throw requirements of the application. Coverage can be easily switched in-venue with the speaker already installed. This innovation allows a single loudspeaker model to excel in an extremely wide variety of project types. The Vocal voicing can be set to match the application through the Music/Karaoke switch. The Music setting provides flat frequency response, while the Karaoke setting produces a mid-range presence boost to provide clear, intelligible voices even at the longest throw distances.

SINGTRONIC KS-1000DW, the best known named in professional karaoke around the world with unprecedented tweeters sound quality and power woofer. The exceptional quality and smoothness of sound over the entire audible range ensure unprecedented excitement. Once you have sung with these speakers, you will never be satisfied with anything less. The clubs and bars that use these speakers will enjoy an excellent reputation among their customers. We have every confidence in the outstanding sound quality of these speakers.


  • 12 inch Woofer x 1 unit (Side Speaker)
  • 8 inch Woofer x 2 unit (Front Middle Net)
  • 3 inch x 3 unit Tweeters (2 front & 1 back side)
  • Copper wired voice coil
  • Double magnet (tweeter)
  • Double magnet (woofer)

  • Max Input: 3000W (1500W + 1500W)
  • Type: 3 Way 5 Speakers
  • 12" Super Woofer (left side + right side)
  • Super Slim 8" in Width
  • Double 8ヤ woofer (Front)
  • 3 Super Tweeters (2 Front & 1 Back)
  • 1 Year Warranty Labors & Parts
  • 100% Satisfied Karaoke Speaker
  • Design in Japan

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