Singtronic Complete 1200W Karaoke System Special Built in HDMI-Arc, Bluetooth Function, USB Voice Record and Digital Optical

Singtronic Complete 1200W Karaoke System Special Built in HDMI-Arc, Bluetooth Function, USB Voice Record and Digital Optical

Item# SYSTEM-999

Product Description

Professional SINGTRONIC Youtube Karaoke Packages Special Include:

    1. Singtronic KA-550Pro Professional 1500W Mixing Amplifier with Optical Karaoke ($599.00)
    2. Singtronic KS-550V Professional 1200W Vocalist Karaoke Speaker System (Pair) ($499.00)
    3. Singtronic UHF-888Pro Professional Rechargeable Dual Wireless Microphone System ($299.00)
    4. Singtronic SP-99 Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Adjustabel Speaker Stand (Pair) ($99.00)


Singtronic Karaoke Package Bonus FREE: Cable & Disco Light (Value: $199.00)

Main Function & Specifications;

Newest Model: 2021 This Singtronic KA-550Pro Professional AV Karaoke Mixing Amplifier built in Optical & Coax Input with USB Recording Function & Bluetooth offers enough flexibility to make it perfect for a wide variety of applications. Its powerful 750W + 750W capabilities means that the KA-550Pro can easily drive 2 pairs of speakers at once powerful enough for just about any party or restaurant. If you're a home enthusiast and require crisp clean sound, this amplifier will provide you with quality sound.  Design in Japan, the Singtronic KA-550Pro uses quality parts throughout to ensure that you'll always get top-notch performance. Oversized heat sinks keep the amp cool even when driving heavy loads, eliminating the need external cooling fans and guaranteeing silent operation.

Special Features;

  • Max Output: 750W + 750W
  • Professional Digital Echo with Separate Stereo/Mono Hi / Low / Repeat and Delay Controls
  • USB Recording Funtion *Sing and Record Your Voice at the Same Time*
  • Model: 2020 Bluetooth Function send/receive from any device (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Youtube, Karaoke Apps)
  • Music with Master/ Depth/ Balance/ Hi/ Mid/ Low Controls
  • 2 Microphone Inputs with 1 & 2 Mic Individual Volume / Balance / Hi / Mid /Low Echo On/Off Switches
  • 2 sets of Audio Input / 2 sets of Audio Output (Record & Mic. Out)
  • Model: 2021 Optical / Coax Audio Input (Connect directly from any Smart TV for Youtube Karaoke)
  • HDMI Arc (Send & Receive Digital Signal from Smart TV for Stream Youtube Karaoke
  • Sub-woofer / Line / Rec. Outputs
  • Automatic Cooling Fan
  • Digital 2 x L.E.D Light Music Display Level
  • Sub-woofer / Rec. Outputs
  • Excellent Add-on to any Karaoke System

Newest Model: 2021 SINGTRONIC KS-550V, the best known name in professional karaoke around the world with unprecedented sound quality and 1200 Watts power. The exceptional quality and smoothness of sound over the entire audible range ensure unprecedented excitement. Once you have sung with these speakers, you will never be satisfied with anything less. The clubs and bars that use these speakers will enjoy an excellent reputation among their customers. We have every confidence in the outstanding sound quality of these speakers.

  • Recommended Usage: Main speaker (maximum 1200 sq ft.)
  • Type: 3-Way Full-Range Speaker (Tripod stand or wall/ceiling mounted)
  • Woofers: Single 10 inches (aluminum alloy cone)
  • Tweeters: Two 3 inches
  • Single Bass Reflex
  • Gold-Plated Brass Inputs (double MDP Banana Premium type)
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz~ 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 db
  • Input Power Maximum: 1200 Watts (600W + 600W)
  • Crossover Frequencies: 300 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 20 inches x 11 inches x 14 inches
  • Unit Weight: 27.8 lbs / 13.8 kg (each) 
  • Shipping Weight: 55 lbs / 17.6 kg (two units per box)
  • Design in Japan

Newest Model: 2021 SINGTRONIC UHF-888Pro Professional Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone Handheld System is the right solution for Karaoke vocalists, Experience the ultimate freedom and versatility with the SINGTRONIC UHF-888Pro Professional Dual Channel Module Wireless Microphone System. The Dual channel UHF Rechargeable wireless microphone system with each microphone on its own independent UHF channel will gives you maximum utilization without the fear of frequency interference. Going wireless means that you are free from cables for up to 500 feet of range from the receiver unit. Plus, a super energy battery saver Handheld Microphone will last singing throughout the entire night.


  • UHF Band Wireless Microphone System
  • Switchable, 100 Channels Microphones
  • Microphone and Receiver Channels Auto-Sync via Infrared & Targeting
  • Two High Sensitive Microphones with LCD Indicators
  • Rechargeable Batteries Level Indicators
  • Noise Reduce Technology
  • Lithium Rechargeable Batterries Included
  • Signal Channel LCD Display
  • Audio Output: 1/4 & 3-pin XLR

Unlimited Youtube Songs by Iphone/Ipad & PC Tablets: It seems very interesting to choose a song via a Cell Phone or Tabet PC. YES, you can choose a song without a songbook, you don't need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing your eyes to flip pages by pages, or you don't need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. Indeed, you can select your favorite songs on Youtube by Cell Phone or Tablet PC by connect your devices via wireless Wifi network with the same Wifi Network of your Smart TV, then you can choose your favorite songs on your Cell Phone. The process is easy to operate and avoids wasting time to locate your favorite songs.

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