Digital Karaoke Processor, Mixer Built in Optical Control by Phone Apps
Digital Karaoke Processor, Mixer Built in Optical Control by Phone Apps

Digital Karaoke Processor, Mixer Built in Optical Control by Phone Apps

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Click Here to view Singtronic DSP-777Pro Operation Manual (PDF)

Newest Model: SINGTRONIC DSP-777Pro Professional Digital Optical / Coax Karaoke Mixer allows you to enjoy Free Youtube Karaoke and many features to your system simply by connecting the DSP-777Pro between your Optical / Coax source such as Smart TV, Blu-Ray player, Android HDD Player or Laptop / Computer. Stream or play your videos or music and the DSP-777Pro will mix audio from 3 microphones and allow you to make music volume, echo, and individual microphone volume adjustments. A professional echo processor with Yamahaᆴ Reverb technology is built-in so your echo adjustments sound nice and clear. An RCA Input are available if your system utilizes RCA connections. Bluetooth Function.  Forgot your USB flash drive at home? Want to play audio files from your phone while keeping it safe in your pocket? No problem. The DSP-777Pro's Bluetooth compatibility allows for wireless connection to any A2DP stereo Bluetooth device. That means you can play audio files, streaming Youtube Karaoke Apps Wirelessly from your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device within a 30 foot range. The DSP-777Pro gives you the freedom to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. There are also a wide set of controls to help show off your mixing and production skills, such as the Bass, Mid and Treble. These inputs also display Track Title, Number and Elapsed Time to help you stay organized as you navigate through tracks. 

  • Professional echo processor with professional grade Yamahaᆴ Reverb technology.
  • Anti-Howling & Feedback Eliminator
  • Perfectly blends microphone voice and the accompaniment.
  • The professional echo effect can be adjusted depending on the occasion and your preferences making your voice sound clear with minimal noise and distortion.
  • Digital to Analog converter enables you to input via Optical / Coax and output 5.1 Channel XLR and L/R RCA Audio together.
  • Dual microphone interface with individual volume control supports a chorus or duets.
  • Model: 2021 Control by Phone Apps
  • 1 Optical & 1 Coax Input (Can connect directly from Smart TV via Optical Output for Youtube Karaoke)
  • Bluetooth Function
  • Digital Optical / Coax & RCA mixer.

Support Ipad and Iphone App:

How to connect the processor to smart phone via Bluetooth

  • Please download the app " KTVAPP" from App Store
  • Turn on your mixer and enjoy Karaoke Sing Along
  • Go to "Settings" on the phone, then go to "Bluetooth", click on "Mango2.5" to connect to the mixer
  • Go back to the app, click on "Connect" on the upper left corner and now it is ready to use.

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